8 Smileys (Some you can’t use on other sites.)

🙂         Smiley

😦         Frown

:0        OOOO

😉         Wink

:/         Sigh

:3         Coy

:}          Birdy

8)         Wide Eyed Betsy/ Glasses


Once upon a time lived a cat. Her name was Sam. and Sam had a friend. He was a mouse. And his name was Bob. And guess what Bob had a

friend to. Her name was Kim. She is a ladybug. They where watching the weather on the TV. And it said that it’s going to be really windy. And

the lights might go out! *BOOM* *CRASH* OH NO THE LIGHTS WENT OUT! Said Sam. What do we do? Said Kim. I don’t know i’m thirsty OH NO! The waters out to! Said Bob.























The Claw!

This is a picture a of a girl trying her luck at the claw in Wal*Mart!

By: Allie

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